Confused Tweeters can’t figure out who ‘Bonny Bear’ is

Death + Taxes, February 13, 2012

Much like last year, when Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, Bon Iver‘s Best New Artist Grammy was met with disbelief and confusion by a lot of Twitter users.

The most entertaining ones are the people who not only have never heard of Justin Vernon and company, but had no idea how to spell Bon Iver, and instead of going to the Grammy website and looking it up, spelled it out phonetically on Twitter.

It’s a little surprising to those of us who have been living inside our comfy indie-rock bubble for a few years now that people still haven’t heard of Bon Iver. Of course, it’s also surprising that the Grammys thought an artist who has been playing since 2007 and has released two albums and an EP plus collaborated with Kanye West and contributed music to the “Twilight” soundtrack classifies as new, but that’s a whole other story.

If the tweets above don’t make you laugh or roll your eyes enough, there’s a whole blog dedicated to the Bon Iver-ignorant, called Who Is Bon Iver? Next up, there will be a blog called “What is Google?” to help these people out.